Pelot Family Genealogy

Including Appendices and Allied Families

By Dr. Meredith Bright Colket Jr., Mrs. Julia Pelot Colket, and Mr. William Currie Colket

Dear Friend,

The Pelot Family Genealogy was published in December 1995. The nucleus of this manuscript is the article published in The Genealogist Vol. 1, No. 2, Fall 1980, pp. 140-223 titled: Swiss Ancestry and Descendants of Jonas Pelot Who Settled in South Carolina in 1734, by Dr. Meredith Bright Colket Jr. This manuscript covered the Swiss Ancestry and the first five generations of Pelots in America. Dr. Colket passed away in 1985. Since then, Dr. Colketís wife, Mrs. Julia Beatrice (Pelot) Colket, and his son, Mr. William Currie Colket, have extended the genealogy through 10 generations in America.

This book was the lifelong dream of Julia Colket. Before her death, she had a printed prototype which she showed to all her friends at Thanksgiving. She died in peace knowing her dream had been accomplished. The finished bound book was finally completed in late December 1995. The focus of this manuscript is the Pelot family genealogy for the descendants of Jonas Pelot, the first Pelot in America. It also includes information on all Pelots in America. Variations of the Pelot name include Pelote, Pelott, and Pelotte. The manuscript has 10 Parts and 6 Appendices.

Part I provides the Swiss Ancestry of Jonas Pelot. The Pelots can trace decent from a Niquilly Pelot born circa 1390. Part I depicts not only the early ancestors of Jonas but also common descendants to the present time. Several of these descendants have also immigrated into the United States (and are discussed in Appendix II). Jonas Pelot and the first five generations in America are contained in Part II.

Parts III through X contain the continuation of the Jonas Pelot line for fifth-generation Pelots with male descendants. These parts contain:

Several appendices provide additional information on Pelots:

Appendix I contains additional information on descendants of Jonas Pelot. These descendants include

Appendix II contains information on other Pelot families in North America to include:

It is in Appendix II where information on additional Swiss descendants who immigrated into the United States is presented.

Appendix III contains information on selected families allied to the Pelots by marriage. These include: Bessant, Chisholm, Colket, Cooper, Gates, Gignilliat, Johnson, Lofton, Marion (Marian), Sealy, and Vaughan.

Appendix IV contains information on Pelot family distribution in the United States. Appendix V contains information on Pelots on the Social Security Death Index. Appendix VI contains the Index.

Three hundred books were published. Most of these were given to libraries and to those who contributed information. 87 copies were left. These have been donated to the Western Reserve Historical Society Library for the Julia and Meredith Colket Endowment Fund. The price of the book has been established to be $60.00. There is an additional $4.00 for shipping and handling. Those with an Ohio shipping address will have to pay an additional 7% ($4.20) for Ohio state tax. Proceeds from the sale of the Pelot Family Genealogy will go towards improving the genealogical collection at the Western Reserve Historical Society. Dr. Colket was the Executive Director of the Western Reserve Historical Society from 1957 to 1980 when he retired and Emeritus Director until 1985 when he died. He was instrumental in planning for the recently built Western Reserve Historical Society Library.

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The surviving author, Currie Colket, is providing errata and updates to this book on the World Wide Web. Links to the Pelot Genealogy information will be provided through his home page at the URL under Genealogy. Please provide updates to him directly at: Mr. Currie Colket
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